Paramedic attacked with a knife in Charleroi

Paramedic attacked with a knife in Charleroi
Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

A paramedic was assaulted in Charleroi, Wallonia on 23 May for not picking up a patient fast enough for the liking of a father and son, according to RTL Info.

The ambulance had been parked at the side of the road in order to collect a patient for a private address, causing traffic, including the vehicle with the father and son, to be held up. After taking offence to how long it was taking to load the ambulance with the patient, the two assailants overtook the ambulance and forced it to stop.

Dragging the paramedic out of his vehicle, the criminal pair beat the paramedic and attempted to stab him several times in the thigh in front of the paramedic’s wife, who was driving the ambulance.

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Video from the incidents shows the assailants, fortunately, failing to stab the victim. The ambulance workers’ protective clothing prevented the knife from piercing his skin.

In a statement to RTL Info, the injured paramedic said that the attack was “clearly attempted murder.”

Shortly after the attack, the two suspects were arrested by police for assault and obstructing traffic. One of the assailants was a minor at the time of the attack. Their vehicle was seized.

The paramedic spent time in hospital but was recently released. The worker will be off work for at least three weeks whilst he heals from the attack.

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