90% of Belgian companies to maintain or increase corporate car fleet

90% of Belgian companies to maintain or increase corporate car fleet
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Around 93% of Belgian companies intend to maintain, or even expand, their fleet of corporate cars over the next three years, according to statistics from the BNP Paribas' Arval expertise centre’s annual barometer.

The survey interviewed 301 Belgian car fleet managers across all industries and of varying company sizes. Managers were asked about the composition of their fleet, their mobility policies, and their plans for the future.

Despite advances in flexible working arrangements and teleworking policies, it seems that company vehicles will remain popular for several years to come. 85% of corporate fleet managers believe that these policies will have no impact on their company’s decisions surrounding company vehicles.

Despite incentives devised by the Belgian Federal Government, which offers massive tax breaks to companies for the purchase of electric vehicles, the report notes that just 20% of cars and 24% of light commercial vehicles in company fleets will be fully electric by 2025.

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In the next three years, the report suggests that just less than half (49%) of company cars will still use traditional diesel or petrol engines. Companies are generally hesitant to make the electric switch. A majority of fleet managers (60%) are not ready to go 100% electric before 2025.

The companies highlight that workers do not have charging points at their homes, that the price is simply too high, or that there are not enough public charging stations on Belgian roads for their employees.

In Belgium, company cars are more popular than ever before. For some executives changing jobs, a corporate car is seen as a must-have in Belgian cities. Around 10% of vehicles on Belgian roads are company cars, which cover around 20% of total distances driven on roads.

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