'Everyone deserves to clear their head': Flanders to make holidays accessible to all

'Everyone deserves to clear their head': Flanders to make holidays accessible to all
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From financial difficulties to care needs, there are many barriers that prevent people from booking a holiday. This is why Flanders is supporting projects that help people take the break they deserve.

Many people in the region struggle to go on holiday, from those with physical, mental, auditory or visual disabilities, to young people in complicated domestic situations.

"Everyone deserves a holiday, but unfortunately, it is not easy for everyone to actually go on one," said Flemish Tourism Minister Zuhal Demir.

"I want to remove those obstacles as much as possible. That is why I am awarding more than €800,000 support to 22 projects that lower barriers to holidays for people who have difficulty overcoming them on their own."

Communes, provinces and individual organisations are among the 22 projects that are awarded support under this scheme.

Easier at all levels

All the subsidised projects have a common goal — allowing more people to enjoy a holiday, even if it is not initially clear how they will do this. The grants target the various hindrances one might encounter when planning a holiday.

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These can be financial, related to accessibility or transport more widely, or could be social. As a result, the projects target the most diverse groups.

"Everyone should get the chance to recharge their batteries during a day trip or multi-day holiday. For people in vulnerable situations, it is all the more important that they can get away from it all and clear their heads, not least after the difficult Covid-19 years."

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