'No sex': Asexual peoples' struggles in Belgium highlighted in documentary

'No sex': Asexual peoples' struggles in Belgium highlighted in documentary
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In our hypersexualised society where performance reigns supreme, how do those who have no sexual intercourse live? The documentary "No Sex" collected the testimonies of seven men and women who talk bluntly about the absence of sex in their daily lives.

Sex is ever-present in conversation, movies, songs and novels, among other things, and is considered a primary need or desire by many. There are those who experience it in a fulfilling and liberated way and there are those who experience it under pressure.

In the documentary “No Sex,” several people who are asexual or sexually abstinent for a number of reasons tell their story openly, and each of them is fully aware of how society perceives them: as if they were missing something, that they are being denied, that their situation is a kind of disability even, reports RTBF.

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At 29 and 26 years old, Jérémy and Coralie simply do not like sex and do not want to force themselves to do it. They consider it to be in their nature and define their romantic relationship differently.

However, they feel that as society has liberated the image of sex to push it towards hypersexuality, this generates an image of coolness. As a result, they are seen as sad and boring by those around them.

Meanwhile, Chantal (60) realised that she often slept with a man to get love, and who, after the painful separation from her child's father shortly after the child's birth, felt that her body was making "an absolute refusal of sex."

She lived for years with her daughter without any relationship with a man because she did not want to anymore, and she thinks that it is "thanks to this desert she has crossed, that she knows desire and pleasure today."

As for François (47), he thinks he has been idealistic since a very young age. Seeking love, he was very disappointed during his first sexual experience. He painfully undergoes his second long period of sexual abstinence for 7 years now with virtually no opportunity to meet. For François, "to no longer have a sex life is to have no life at all."

Sophie, Léna and Loïc also testify to their relationships to sexuality and what led them to stop their sex life, all in a very different context.

The "No Sex" documentary can be watched here.

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