What will be the impact of the national strike on 31 May?

What will be the impact of the national strike on 31 May?
Credit: Lauren Walker/ The Brussels Times

The Public Services Union (ACOD) has renewed its call for a general strike on Tuesday 31 May to highlight the general dissatisfaction of employees, during which several public services will be halted.

The day of action is aimed at combating the "general malaise" in the sector, according to chair Chris Reniers. "With this call, we want to mobilise people, but also warn them that there could be a hindrance on public transport, for example", he said.

Employees will take to the streets to demand "more purchasing power, more respect for the social dialogue, more investments in the public sector and more respect for government pensions."

The expected hindrance by this action was already confirmed to The Brussels Times by the various public transport operators including train company SNCB, De Lijn in Flanders and STIB in Brussels.

The trade union of the public broadcaster VRT has also announced they will go on strike. It is possible that this may result in a halt of broadcasts on radio and TV, as well as the offer on the internet. Television channel RTBF and its offerings will also be impacted by the strike action.

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Garbage collectors are also expected to go on strike.

There will also be a strike in the education sector, which earlier this week already sounded the alarm bells regarding their depleted financial resources.

The French-speaking unions are currently undertaking three actions over the course of three months to demand a change in school policy in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The CSC Education association announced that the unions have not yet taken a position on Tuesday's action.

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