A small lemur was born in Planchendael Zoo in Mechelen

A small lemur was born in Planchendael Zoo in Mechelen
Baby lemur. Credit: Belga

Planckendael Zoo announced on Monday that the park has a new resident among its lemur community. It is the second baby lemur born in two years for Kimmie the mom and Oreo the dad, reported Le Soir.

The sex of the newborn is 'still unclear', as the baby has clung to his mother. It may take some time before the baby lemur can be named, but once the sex of the lemur is known, it will be given a name, which will start with the letter 'X', similar to all the newborns at Planchendael this year.

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In 2021, Kimmie gave birth to a little female lemur called Wifi. The sex of Wifi's little brother or sister will soon be known depending on its fur colour.

"At first, black lemurs have a dark coat, but the latter can still change colour up to eight weeks after birth", explained a caretaker in Le Soir. "A female adopts a copper colour with a white plume to the ears, while the male remains black."

Endangered species

Black lemurs and macao lemurs are only found in the wild in Madagascar and some of the surrounding islands. The species are threatened by deforestation, poaching and illegal trade.

Each birth in captivity is therefore good news, explained the zoo, which participates in an international program to preserve the species. Should the species go extinct in the wild, there would then be a population reserve.

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