Strépy tragedy: Man who drove into carnival crowd under house arrest

Strépy tragedy: Man who drove into carnival crowd under house arrest
The accident in Strépy-Bracquegnies. Credit: Belga

The man who drove into a carnival crowd in Strépy-Bracquegnies in March, killing six people and injuring many others, will be placed under surveillance with an electronic bracelet, the Council Chamber of Tournai ruled on Tuesday.

The case against the driver, identified as Paolo F, was initially set to be examined by the Council Chamber on 27 May but had been postponed to 31 May at the request of his lawyer, Frank Discepoli.

He was detained in Tournai prison, but his lawyer requested that he be placed under electronic supervision to continue his detention outside of prison, report Walloon media.

"I am not asking for a release," Discepoli told RTL. "I am asking that he still be kept in very strict detention, but in an environment which is not the prison."

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The driver – who has a history of speeding – would not be placed under house arrest in his own home, but likely in another region, far from the families of the victims. The public prosecutor's office, however, could still appeal the decision.

On 22 April, the Tournai Council Chamber confirmed – for the second time – the arrest warrant issued on 22 March, for the acts committed on 20 March during the carnival of Strépy-Braquegnies. He is being prosecuted for manslaughter and involuntary bodily harm resulting in death in a road accident.

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