Tiny car prepares to take urban mobility by storm

Tiny car prepares to take urban mobility by storm
Credit: Ferdinand Braun Keutner (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Microlino, a modern and electric version of the classic Isetta, the mythical microcar that caused a sensation throughout Europe in the 50s, is about to take the urban transport market by storm with its ultra-compact dimensions and neo-retro style.

The Microlino, with its 2.52m long (smaller than a Smart EQ fortwo) and barely larger than the Citroën Ami, is the creation of the Swiss startup Micro Mobility Systems, a specialist in electric scooters, which first presented its concept at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016.

Six years later, production of the Microlino has finally launched and the first vehicles should be delivered this summer in Switzerland. Depending on the interest, they could then be rolled out to European markets such as Belgium.

This 100% electric 2-seater microcar has a 12.5 kW (17 hp) engine and does not exceed 90 km/h. It comes with three configurations of lithium-ion batteries, from 6 to 14 kWh, or from 91 to 230 km of estimated range. In any case, it fully recharges in four hours.

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A limited-edition of 999 copies have been reserved for first-time buyers, who came forward several years ago. They are all equipped with a sunroof, a high-end interior in green leather and suede with Bluetooth speakers.

For the others, three editions are planned (Urban, Dolce and Competizione) and an online configurator will allow you to customize your model before ordering it.

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