Belgium in Brief: The gift of cheap travel

Belgium in Brief: The gift of cheap travel
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As anyone who has been to the petrol station lately will tell you, filling up the tank has become a rather scary affair that seems to get more painful with each passing week. Whilst this could be taken as yet another reason to hop on yer bike, for some this simply isn't an option and getting around has become alarmingly expensive.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an alternative to shelling out a large portion of disposable income on getting from A to B? As the cost of living crisis touches almost every aspect of daily life, even public transport can be a bit pricey.

Which makes Germany's initiative to offer monthly travel passes to residents for just €9 all the more appealing. This modest sum permits travel across the country on almost all public networks and has, unsurprisingly, been "a box office hit", in the words of Germany's transport minister.

It's certainly an enviable scheme and probably a huge boost to domestic tourism. For all the joys of Southern Europe, getting there isn't cheap. Imagine if instead you could travel to all the quirky corners of Belgium for next to nothing; there's a lot to be said for exploring your own back yard.

Whilst Belgium does have some appealing offers for trains – especially for weekend trips – nothing quite comes close to nationwide travel for €9. Let's hope that the good idea catches on elsewhere.

How do you get around? Let @Orlando_tbt know.

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