Brussels construction waste increases, along with recycling rates

Brussels construction waste increases, along with recycling rates
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Nearly 2 million tonnes of waste were produced on Brussels construction sites in 2020. Yet while the amount of waste is increasing, recycling rates for construction materials now exceed 90%, La Capitale reported.

“The quantities of construction and demolition waste fluctuate each year depending on the presence of large construction sites, such as work in tunnels or on viaducts,” explained Environment Minister Alain Maron.

According to Brudaweb, the recycling rate has been above 90% since 2018, well above the European objective of 70%. Most recycling takes place in other regions, as the Brussels-Capital Region is too urbanised for such activity.

“The activities linked to construction and demolition in Brussels mainly involve on-site sorting and transport,” Maron explained.

Brussels at the forefront

Despite increasing construction waste, Brussels is internationally recognised as a leader in the reuse of building materials, according to Maron.

The reuse of materials has a high economic value and cuts energy expenditure. It represents a boost to the economy and local employment. Meanwhile, a new deconstruction protocol is in the works.

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In addition, the extension of the on-site plastic packaging collection system is being revised, while a consolidation centre for building materials and waste is underway.

Maron called attention to efforts being made to encourage the maintenance of existing buildings rather than building new ones. Renolab launched a call for projects aimed to encourage innovative renovation projects within various themes, including circular economy.

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