TEC to introduce €1 monthly travel for young people

TEC to introduce €1 monthly travel for young people
Credit: Bruno Fahy/Belga

From 1 September, TEC will launch young persons (18-24) travel passes for just €1 per month, the cabinet of the Walloon Minister for Mobility Phillipe Henry announced on 9 June.

In December, the Walloon government agreed on plans to introduce massive TEC reductions for over 65s beginning this September. The government had originally planned to delay the introduction of similar reductions for young people until 2023, but this decision has now been reversed and both pensioners and young people will enjoy €1 per month travel from this year.

The €12 annual subscription will cover the whole TEC network, including the Express lines. The government has set the price extremely low so that they would be “almost free” and readily accessible to the young and old as part of its plans to boost mobility in Wallonia.

“This is a further step towards free public transport for the three target groups set out in the Regional Policy Statement,” Henry told Belga News Agency. “This will make buses and trams more attractive, all the more so in this period of energy crisis and exorbitant fuel costs.”

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The Walloon government has also announced a mobility scheme for Ukrainian refugees in these reduction categories, meaning young Ukrainians and the elderly will be able to profit from the reductions immediately.

Ukrainian refugees can now access these reductions by paying €5 and showing their temporary protection status at a TEC ticket office, from which they will receive the new unlimited “tempo-pass”.

This ticket will remain valid until the end of September, after which they can sign up for the €12 annual reduction scheme available for all Belgian youth and elderly.

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