'Particularly stupid': Undercover police in Brussels offered stolen goods

'Particularly stupid': Undercover police in Brussels offered stolen goods
Rue Neuve / Nieuwe Straat in Brussel. BELGA PHOTO/LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ

Four thieves in Brussels were caught red-handed after offering stolen goods to two plain-clothes officers in the city.

On Monday, two plain-clothes officers were patrolling Rue Neuve, one of the city's most popular shopping streets, when they were approached by a man who was walking the streets with a gang of three other people. He offered them earphones, which later proved to be stolen.

"The man had no idea that he was actually talking to two inspectors from our police zone," a press release from the Brussels- Capital/ Ixelles police zone read.

The officers told the suspect they were not interested but kept an eye on him. He sat on a bench a bit further down the road with his three companions.

Shortly, the group got up and walked away. In the meantime, the officers had called for reinforcements who followed. The group were later apprehended without any struggle. "The four men were caught in a particularly stupid way," the statement read.

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The officers confiscated their rucksacks in which they found a lot of merchandise, including seven boxes of earphones and about ten boxes of perfume in their original packaging. It remains unclear where the goods were stolen from.

The suspects, who are all residing in Belgium illegally, were released after questioning. An investigation is ongoing.

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