Deadline to submit paper tax forms next week: how does it work?

Deadline to submit paper tax forms next week: how does it work?
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Belgians’ tax return on paper, as well as the amendment of the “proposal of simplified declaration” via the paper form, must be received by the authorities by 30 June 2022 (next Thursday) at the latest.

While only a minority of Belgian taxpayers opt to file their taxes on paper, the FPS Finance still received 315,00 tax declarations and 51,000 amendments to “proposals of simplified declaration” by post last year.

Here is how to make sure that your paper tax return correctly reaches the correct authorities in time:

  • the document must be sent to the correct address indicated on the documents in the ‘brown envelope’ that holds the necessary documents (it should not be deposited in an office),
  • the declaration or form received in the mail must be used (this means: not a copy, not someone else’s document and not a previous year’s document),
  • the envelope must be sufficiently and properly stamped.

While making sure your documents are properly stamped before mailing them may seem obvious, a “significant number” of documents arrive late (or not at all) because they were incorrectly franked.

This year, the tax declaration has become longer, as it now counts 839 codes – ten more than last year, which now include overseas real estate among others.

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As the procedure of filling in the forms is often complex, FPS Finance is offering assistance by setting up in-person or telephone appointments for those who need help with the process. The deadline for making an appointment is next Wednesday 29 June.

Taxpayers filing their taxes online have until 15 July 2022 to do so on the Tax-on-Web website via, and residents who hire an accountant have until 30 September, “which should give them time to service their clients in a timely manner.”

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