Brussels Airport expects 'busy summer' with over 4 million passengers

Brussels Airport expects 'busy summer' with over 4 million passengers
Waiting passengers at Brussels Airport. Credit: Noe Zimmer / Belga

This summer holiday season, Brussels Airport expects over four million passengers. This Friday is the busiest day of the departure weekend with some 72,000 passengers in total.

Friday 1 July will also be the first day since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that the airport will see more than 70,000 passengers: approximately 39,000 departing passengers are expected, as well as 33,000 arriving passengers.

"Over the two holiday months, a total of four million passengers are expected," an airport spokesperson said in a press release. "That corresponds to 74% of the number of passengers in the summer of 2019, when 5.4 million passengers were recorded."

Brussels Airport stated that it has prepared itself for the influx of passengers this summer holiday season by filling the large number of vacancies left by the pandemic.

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The travel sector was one of those worst hit by the two years of lockdown and travel restrictions, with many people being laid off due to a lack of travel demand. As many people have started travelling again, companies are struggling to keep up.

"Hundreds of positions have been filled over the past two months, but new vacancies have also appeared," the press release reads. "The number of vacancies again goes towards the average level before the Covid crisis: some 500 vacancies on average."

The large number of vacancies at the airport, however, has been putting excessive pressure on remaining staff, which was a large part of the reason for the recent strikes impacting travellers in Belgium, as Brussels Airport's G4S security staff also took part.

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