Suspected arrested after armed standoff in Walloon village

Suspected arrested after armed standoff in Walloon village
Credit: Massimo Gozdek/Facebook

An armed standoff occurred on the evening of 27 July between special units of the Belgian police and an armed suspect who had barricaded himself into a property near the town of Frameries in Hainaut, Wallonia, according to Belgian media RTL Info.

A street in the village of Eugies was cordoned off by police and around 50 members of the police and special forces surrounded the property. It is reported that the suspect was in position of “fairly heavy weapons” and was holed up inside the property alone. Five to six families in adjacent properties were evacuated from the area.

The confrontation is said to have begun after the suspect got into an argument with his parents, who were threatened by the suspect. “The intervention lasted a relatively long time because it was necessary to have a discussion with the person and to reason with him,” Jean Marc Delrot, head of the Boraine police zone, told RTL Info.

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After several hours of negotiations, the police moved to apprehend the suspect. During the arrest, the suspect was slightly injured and taken to the hospital. According to Belgian broadcaster RTBF, the man was under the influence of drugs. The suspect is believed to have been in possession of two firearms, both owned legally.

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