Ukraine celebrates its tank-towing farmer

Ukraine celebrates its tank-towing farmer
Credit: Reddit.

The Ukrainian tractor that towed captured Russian tanks has been celebrated by the Ukrainian Postal Service with a stamp.

A 1970s MT-LB was abandoned at the end of March by Russian forces after their withdrawal from northeastern Ukraine, 30 kilometres from the border between the two countries.

The vehicle was found by tractor driver Vitali Denysenko who, with a smile on his face, began parading his catch around a field in the village of Mala Rogan.

“We needed two tractors to extract it, which we were able to do after the soldiers cleared the field,” the 44-year-old told a group of journalists gathered to cover the 'parade.'

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Images of Russian tanks and other military vehicles being towed by Ukrainian tractors have since been making the rounds on social media, becoming a symbol of resistance to the invasion of Ukraine.

Vitali Denysenko followed the example of other farmers by donating the vehicle he found to the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian farmers have commandeered so many Russian vehicles from occupied areas, which have been abandoned by Moscow's forces, that internet had begun calling them the “fifth largest army” in Europe.

Their courage is now celebrated by the Ukrainian Postal service who has launched a new stamp representing a tractor towing a Russian tank.


According to Tetyana Fomenko, manager of the Kharkiv regional postal service’s stamp collection store, five million copies are to be put on sale.

Part of the money collected from the sale of these stamps will go to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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