16-year-old Belgian drowns in German swimming lake

16-year-old Belgian drowns in German swimming lake
Credit: Raimond Spekking & Elke Wetzig/ Creative Commons

A sixteen-year-old boy drowned on 30 July in a natural outdoor swimming pool in the German village of Rurberg, just across the border from Belgium, according to German newspaper Aachener Nachrichten.

The village of Rurberg is a popular tourist destination for Germans and Belgians, known for its swimming waters and proximity to the Rur river. The boy is reported to have jumped into the water, along with a ten-year-old friend, at around 16:00. According to initial reports, neither boy was a strong swimmer.

After the ten-year-old boy had to be rescued from the water, it was discovered that the 16-year-old had not surfaced. German emergency services were alerted and divers and helicopters began to search for the boy.

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After a two-hour search, the boy’s body was recovered by divers. German police are still investigating the incident and the swimming pool has reopened to the public.

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