Fatal fall at Flemish mine site

Fatal fall at Flemish mine site
Credit: Belga.

A 24 year-old man has died after falling down a mineshaft at the Terhills mine site in Eisden, near Maasmechelen.

At around midnight on Wednesday, the 24 year-old approached a couple and wanted to show them the view from the shaft tower, which is closed with a gate, stating that he was an amateur free runner and urban climber.

The man began climbing the shaft tower while the couple stood back. He is said to have misread the situation and fell from the mineshaft.

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The couple witnessed the drama and alerted the emergency services who rushed to the scene to try to save the victim, but the victim had already died by the time they arrived.

Local police then arrived at the scene with Limburg's Public Prosecutor's Office subsequently informed of the incident.

The investigation into the incident was concluded at about 03:30, concluding that it was an accident. The site was reopened shortly afterwards.

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