Over 2,000 Brussels residents trained for shortage professions in 2021

Over 2,000 Brussels residents trained for shortage professions in 2021
Credit: Belga / Hatim Kaghat

In 2021, over two thousand Brussels residents completed full-time training for a job in high demand, said Brussels Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Bernard Clerfayt (DéFI) on Wednesday, announcing several actions to combat job vacancies by the start of the new school year.

Last year, 2,086 Brussels residents completed training for one of the 113 jobs in short supply, and 68% of them were reportedly men. This high proportion can be explained by the sectors concerned, which traditionally attract more male workers.

In terms of professions, 29% of training courses were in the IT sector, 17% in construction and 12% in the medical and paramedical sector.

Furthermore, 26% of the inhabitants of Brussels who followed a training course possess a diploma obtained abroad which is not recognised in Belgium, while 50% have at least a high-school diploma.

Finally, 88% of them have been registered with Actiris for at least one year. "Almost 9 out of 10 Brussels residents who choose to train for a shortage job are long-term unemployed. This is an encouraging signal and proof of the motivation of many Brussels residents to enter the job market.

The training obligation for long-term job seekers will strengthen their socio-professional integration. More than ever, we need to invest in the skills of the people of Brussels", stated Minister Amarante in a press release.

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