Flanders needs €15 billion to update roads, organisation says

Flanders needs €15 billion to update roads, organisation says
The mobility group VAB recommends that Flanders start a fund for 15 billion euro over 10 years to finance its infrastructure. Credit: VISITFLANDERS/flickr

The mobility organisation VAB believes Flanders should create a fund to help finance investments in mobility.

VAB estimates that 15 billion euro over the course of 10 years would be enough to finance this fund, according to New Mobility.

The money would come from the annual traffic taxes, registration tax, and a portion of the traffic fines Flanders receives.

The fund would go to structural maintenance of traffic infrastructure, improving the quality of public transport, and bicycle facilities.

VAB claims that the poor state of Flemish infrastructure justifies this fund. A quarter of the regional roads are in poor condition, and of about 3,000 bridges and tunnels, 1 out of 3 needs maintenance. 1 out of 10 needs to be completely replaced.

Without the fund, Flanders would have to use tolls on the ring roads in Antwerp and Brussels to help finance these projects.

Sam Nelson

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