Brussels Airlines named one of least punctual European airlines

Brussels Airlines named one of least punctual European airlines
ClaimCompass ranked Brussels Airlines one of the least punctual in Europe. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Brussels Airlines has been named as one of the least-punctual airlines in Europe, according to a new industry survey.

ClaimCompass, an organisation that helps airline customers file claims, found that 30% of Brussels Airlines flights are late with an average delay of almost 40 minutes. However, the company also found that the airline is generally responsive when it comes to resolving customers' claims.

Ryanair and Iberia rank among the most punctual airlines in Europe, the study claims. Ryanair was listed as the most punctual European airline, with only 12% of flights arriving 15 minutes late or more. ClaimCompass urged caution when considering this data, though, because Ryanair provided its own information. The airline took around 70 days to resolve claims.

82% of Iberia's flights were on time, and the airline also had a delay of around 4o minutes. However, Iberia ranked low on responding to customers' claims, taking an average of 142 days to do so.

U.S. airlines had longer delays than many European airlines, though they were about average at responding to customer claims.

The survey data came from the over 100,00 customers who used ClaimCompass to file claims.

ClaimCompass also reported that in 2018 it took passengers an average 0f 4 months to be compensated for delayed or cancelled flights. In 2017, it took 3-and-a-half months, on average.

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