Belgium's climate plans called 'unambitious' by European Commission

Belgium's climate plans called 'unambitious' by European Commission
The European Commission said Belgium must present more ambitious plans to meet its emissions goals by the 2030 deadline. Credit: Pixabay

Belgium's energy and climate plans were named among the least ambitious in the EU, according to recent findings by the European Commission.

The Commission said the country must propose more ambitious approaches to either energy efficiency, renewable energy, or emission reduction by the end of the year, a report from Belga says.

The Commission presented its findings of each member state's energy and climate plans and found that if policies remained unchanged, the European Union will not meet the 2030 deadline for its climate change goals.

According to the Commission's finding, Belgium must also clarify how it plans to reduce greenhouse gases by 35% by 2030. Under current policy, greenhouse gases would be reduced by only 13%.

Under the Paris Agreement, Europeans are required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, have 32% of energy come from renewable sources, and improve their energy efficiency.

The Commission offered assistance to Belgium and other member states who are struggling to reach their climate change goals.

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