Former Miss Belgium arrested in narcotics investigation

Former Miss Belgium arrested in narcotics investigation
Tanja Dexters, crowned Miss Belgium in 1998, was arrested as part of a narcotics investigation.

A former Miss Belgium and her partner have been arrested in a counter-narcotics operation which saw three other people detained and the couple's property seized, public prosecutors announced Tuesday.

Former Miss Belgium, Tanja Dexters, and her boyfriend, Michael Peeters, were both put under custody and brought in for questioning as part of the operation, carried out by Antwerp and federal police agents.

"Five people have been deprived of their freedom and are currently being questioned," public prosecutors announced, according to Belgian media.

The arrests were carried out after officers from Antwerp's Neteland police zone conducted seven house searches, including one in the couple's home as well as in a car dealership owned by Peeters.

In addition to the arrests, three vehicles were seized during the operation, in which sniffer dogs and forty police officers took part.

Dexters, crowned Miss Belgium 1998, will be questioned alongside Peeters and the other detainees.

"After the interrogations, an examining magistrate will decide whether to refer the detainees to a court," the prosecutor said.

With the investigation ongoing, no further information was released by the prosecutor's office.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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