Missing monkey returned to ZOO Planckendael

Missing monkey returned to ZOO Planckendael
Rojo, the monkey who escaped from his enclosure at ZOO Plackendael, was returned this afternoon. Credit: KMDA

A monkey named Rojo who escaped from his home at the ZOO Planckendael has been captured.

Rojo, a 3-year-old crested macaque, was discovered missing by his caretakers around 10:00 Monday morning. The monkey is usually affectionate with his mother Halilotte, and when he was not seen in the morning, his caretakers feared he had drowned in the moat around his island habitat.

When the zoo realised Rojo had escaped, it asked residents of the surrounding area to look out for the monkey and contact the police if they saw him.

A cyclist noticed Rojo on the roof of a house near the zoo and reported it to the authorities. A veterinarian from the zoo sedated the monkey from a distance, and firefighters removed him from the roof.

Rojo is uninjured and was returned to the zoo around 14:00.

It is not clear how the monkey escaped from his enclosure.

Sam Nelson

The Brussels Times

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