Belgian heatwave: high levels of ozone expected on Thursday

Belgian heatwave: high levels of ozone expected on Thursday
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The Belgium population could be advised to take precautions on Thursday due to the particularly high levels of ozone in the air, according to a new announcement by Ircel.

The interregional environmental unit has said that it expects that the information threshold for ozone pollution will be exceeded on Thursday and the alarm threshold may also follow, Bruzz reports.

Levels of ozone - a substance created by the combination of sunlight, heat and nitrogen oxides - already reached the 'information threshold' of 180 micrograms per cubic metre in some parts of Flanders today, but not in Brussels yet.

If the "information threshold" is met, the population is informed about health risks, and a number of target groups are advised to take recommended precautions.

However, if the "alarm threshold" of 240 micrograms per cubic metre is met, then recommendations no longer apply only to the target groups, but to the entire population.

People who are sensitive to air pollution, such as children and the elderly, should not make intensive physical efforts on Thursday. If the alarm phase is exceeded, then this advice is best followed by all.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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