Martini advertisement to remain hanging in Place Flagey

Martini advertisement to remain hanging in Place Flagey
Place Flagey. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Martini advertisement in Place Flagey will remain on display even after Ixelles officials ordered it to be removed.

The banner violates Ixelles municipal law, which has prohibited advertising alcohol since the beginning of the year, Bruzz reported. The municipality ordered the banner be removed in 24 hours, but it is still hanging 24 days later.

The advertiser originally planned for the banner to stay up for four months, and the municipality wanted it down immediately. After legal proceedings were delayed, Ixelles ended up compromising with the advertiser, and the ad will stay up for two months.

To prevent this situation from happening again, Ixelles has rewritten its law so that it states only the advertisements that are allowed — ones for public or cultural institutions.

After the Martini ad comes down, the advertiser must hang up a cultural advertisement.

Sam Nelson

The Brussels Times

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