First forced deportation from Charleroi airport

First forced deportation from Charleroi airport
The first was a test to ensure airport staff knew procedures. Credit: Wikipedia

An illegal immigrant has been forcibly deported from Charleroi airport for the first time, Sudpresse reports on Friday. The operation was carried out a few weeks ago and is a test, according to the federal police.

"Yes, there was a trial a few weeks ago, involving (a single) returnee," Jana Verdegem, the federal police press attache at Sudpresse pointed out. "This concerns a test that is still being evaluated. (It) is part of a long process, the first stage of which was to train some aviation police officers to be in position at Charleroi airport. Because this kind of repatriation must be carried out in total security in everyone's interests."

In 2018, 6,096 persons were deported under orders from the Immigration Office, most of them voluntarily. 767 forced repatriations with a police escort were carried out. Since the beginning of January 2019, 340 people have been repatriated under escort.

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