Amnesty International says travellers at risk in USA

Amnesty International says travellers at risk in USA
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After the recent mass killings in the United States, human rights NGO Amnesty International has issued a travel warning recommending visitors to be extremely cautious.

The issuance of this warning is motivated by "rampant gun violence that has become so prevalent in the USA it is equivalent to a humanitarian crisis." 

The notice states that people intending to go to the USA “should be very vigilant at all times and beware of omnipresent firearms among the population." 

Amnesty International believes that people should avoid crowded places, particularly cultural events, places of worship, schools and shopping centres. 

The organization also claims that the US government "does not protect the population against gun violence", despite being bound to do so by international human rights legislation. 

The warning was issued after the days of mourning following El Paso, Texas, and Ohio attacks, during which 31 people were killed by gunfire. According to authorities, the El Paso massacre was aimed at the Hispanic community: 8 Mexicans died.

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