Planned works in central Brussels will make room for cyclists, pedestrians

Planned works in central Brussels will make room for cyclists, pedestrians
Several streets near the bustling Place Saint Géry will be outfitted with larger sidewalks and bike parking spaces. Credit: Google Street Maps

Upcoming roadworks around a popular nighttime district will see several streets in Brussels stripped of most parking spaces to make way for amenities for pedestrians and bicycles, authorities announced.

Six streets in poor condition around the bustling Place Saint Géry will be completely revamped, with the current narrow sidewalks replaced with larger ones which will be at the same level as the pavement. The streets' cobblestones will also be replaced with smooth, flat ones.

In order to make way for the wider sidewalks, most regular parking spaces will disappear from the area but handicapped and delivery spots for businesses will remain, according to Bruzz.

The regular parking spaces will be replaced with parking spaces for bicycles, of which there are currently none in the area, the outlet reports.

The works were announced by Brussels councillors for trade and mobility, Fabian Maingain and Bart Dhont, respectively, at a city meeting at the start of the week.

Works are set to start in October and will be carried out street by street in order to limit inconveniences for residents of the area.

The first face of the renovations will begin on Rue Pletinckx, Rue Borgval Rue Saint-Géry and Rue de la Grande Ile and is expected to last until March 2020.

The next stage is slated to kick off in August of 2020 and will be followed by a final round, expected to last until July 2021.

The meeting this week was conducted to sound out residents' reaction to the renovations. After some raised concerns that the works will render a parking garage inaccessible, the city councillors said the timing of the works could be arranged.

Gabriela Galindo

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