Brussels school will interrupt work to discuss attack on staff member

Brussels school will interrupt work to discuss attack on staff member
Institut des Arts et Métiers in Brussels. Credit: Danielle Volny/ Wikimedia Commons

The staff of a school in Brussels will stop their work on Thursday to discuss safety after a member of staff was attacked on Tuesday.

The school, Institut Arts et Métiers, is a technical and vocational qualification school that provides training in the construction and industry trades and preparation for graduate studies in these fields.

A staff member was attacked by a mother who wanted to register her child in the school. The woman, who was behaving aggressively, was asked to leave the school by staff members. The woman attacked one staff member, reportedly hitting her several times and pulling her hair and clothes, reported Bruzz.

The victim will not be able to work for six days due to injuries, while the attacker will be brought before public prosecution on Wednesday.

In collaboration with three labour unions in the area, work in the school will stop from 8:50 AM onwards to provide time to discuss staff safety, reported La Capitale.

"That was a serious case of aggression," says Michel Thomas, regional secretary of the CGSP labour union. "We are going to see how things could come to that so that we can take measures to improve the safety of staff," added Thomas.

Evie McCullough

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