Man found dead in Chinese embassy in Brussels

Man found dead in Chinese embassy in Brussels
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The body of a man (38) was found in the car park of the Chinese embassy in Brussels, Belgian media has reported.

The body was found on 17 September, and has since been examined.

"It is a suicide," said a spokesperson of the Brussels' prosecutor's office to Bruzz. "The lab has been on-site, as has the medical examiner. There is camera footage. The investigation has been closed. The case has been dropped," they added.

Despite the confirmation by the Brussels public prosecutor's office that it was suicide, the man's mother is convinced that it is not the case.

"I am 100% certain that it is not a suicide," she told Het Laatste Nieuws, and in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 6,500 times. She asked to keep sharing it, in hopes of finding more answers about her son's death.

How the man ended up on the site of the Chinese embassy is not clear. "We are not allowed to communicate about what goes on at the embassies," the chief of the Montgomery police zone said to Bruzz.

A spokesperson from the Mission of China to the EU told The Brussels Times that "We express grief and regret at this unfortunate incident. After the incident happened, the Belgian police promptly arrived at the scene, investigated the incident and concluded that the man illegally entered the premises of a diplomatic mission and committed suicide. We have asked the Belgian side to step up security protection for Chinese diplomatic missions in Belgium in accordance with the relevant international treaties and prevent the recurrence of similar incidents."

Maïthé Chini

The Brussels Times

For any questions about suicide, you can contact the Suicide Line anonymously on the toll-free number 1813 or at in Dutch, at 0800 32 123 in French, or at 02 648 40 14 in English.

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