Pro-nuclear power protesters set to gather in Brussels on Sunday

Pro-nuclear power protesters set to gather in Brussels on Sunday
Pro-nuclear power protests are set to take place in Brussels on Sunday. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Pro-nuclear power protesters are set to gather and demonstrate in Brussels on Sunday.

The pro-nuclear energy protesters will gather at Brussels Central Station at 11:00 AM and demonstrate until 2:00 PM as part of the city's 'Stand up for Nuclear' day of action.

The event is hosted by the Nuclear Pride Coalition, which says it aims "to convey the importance of this clean, stable, cost-effective and practically CO2-free form of power generation," according to a press release on the event.

"We will stand up at train stations, central plazas, and public parks to educate people about the importance of nuclear and address widespread myths around nuclear energy," explains the event's Facebook page.

The pro-nuclear energy march in Brussels is one of 30 'Stand up for Nuclear' marches set to take place in different cities across the world on Sunday.

While 'Stand Up for Nuclear' demonstrations will take place in dozens of cities on 20 October, the largest protest is set to take place in Paris, reports New Mobility.

Belgium, which has two nuclear power plants, one in Tihange (pictured) and one in Doel, committed in 2018 to phase out its generation of nuclear power by 2025.

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However, the president of Electrebel energy company, Johnny Thijs, is pushing to keep three of Belgium's seven nuclear reactors open after 2025.

Nuclear power is "better for CO2 emissions, the electrical energy supply, and the consumer,” said Thijs.

Electricity transmission system operator, Elia, warned in July that Belgium would struggle to phase out its nuclear power by 2025 without suffering serious power shortages, reports Reuters.

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