Green party re-elects same chairman after two rounds of voting

Green party re-elects same chairman after two rounds of voting
The members of the Groen political party have re-elected Meyrem Almaci as chairman after two rounds of voting. Credit: Belga

Meyrem Almaci, who has been chairman of the Green political party since 2014, was re-elected by the party after two rounds of voting on Saturday.

At the Green Members' Congress in Brussels on Saturday, Almaci and her running mate Dany Neudt received 53.2% of the votes. Neudt will be the vice-chairman of the party.

Her opponents were Björn Rzoska, who is the party's group leader in the Flemish Parliament, and Christophe Steyaert, the vice-chairman of Groen in Bruges.

During the first voting round, none of the candidates managed to get the required majority (50% + one) of the votes. After the second round, in which the members had to choose between the two best scoring candidates from the first round, Almaci won from Rzoska with 53.2% of the 773 cast votes, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

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"There is so much brown and grey in our political landscape already. It is our job to be bright green," Almaci said, reports VRT NWS. "So many people are looking for hope, and they are looking to us to give it to them. It is our job to offer it. We are the party of the good life," she added.

"Groen has become a medium-sized party. We are in the centre of the political debate. People look to us for justice, good governance and real solutions. In this crazy world, we must give them security and peace of mind," the duo said.

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