CO leaks cause four people to be hospitalised on Thursday

CO leaks cause four people to be hospitalised on Thursday
Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Emergency services evacuated and brought four people to the hospital on Thursday evening due to carbon monoxide leaks.

Two of the four people that were hospitalised were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

At around 5:16 PM on Thursday, an ambulance was called to a home on Rue du Celeri in Saint-Gilles. When the paramedics entered, their carbon monoxide detectors went off. Firefighters and Sibelga were called to the scene.

The individual, who was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, was evacuated to a nearby hospital. The poisoning was the result of a problem with the boiler.

At around 18:30 PM on Thursday, emergency services were also called to Rue Omer Lepreux in Koekelberg where a teenage girl had fallen ill in a bathroom from carbon monoxide poisoning. The teenager was evacuated to the Military Hospital for oxygen treatment.

The grandparents of the teenager were also evacuated to a nearby hospital for further examination. In this case, the carbon monoxide poisoning came from a problem with a radiator in the bathroom.

Evie McCullough

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