Press Club Brussels Europe turns into Kyiv Press Club

Press Club Brussels Europe turns into Kyiv Press Club
Credit: Press Club Brussels Europe

The press club in Brussels launched on Thursday the “We are Kyiv Press Club” initiative together with the press clubs of Paris, Geneva and Warsaw in solidarity journalists in Ukraine.

The initiative will allow Ukrainian journalists forced into exile to have a place in the heart of the European quarter. The idea is also to inspire and invite all 300 Press Clubs around the world to also become a ‘Kyiv Press Club’.

“Our Press Club is a place that serves as an open platform for free speech and in support of journalism,” says Press Club President Alia Papageorgiou. “We will use what means we can to support reporting and Ukrainians in this moment of distress.”

Dmytro Shkurko, the Brussels correspondent of the National News Agency of Ukraine, thanked Press Club Brussels for its act of solidarity. The first casualty in war is truth.

“It is important, as in these tragic circumstances the words of truth are decisive as ever. This Russian aggression against Ukraine is based on an entire lie from its roots, and the Russian people are also the victims of these horrible lies. Help them, help all the people in Europe and around a Globe to understand what is going on in Ukraine now."

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