Brussels’ artistic and architectural heritage on display at 2022 BANAD Festival

Brussels’ artistic and architectural heritage on display at 2022 BANAD Festival
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The artistic and architectural heritage of Belgium’s capital is in the spotlight for three successive weekends starting on Saturday 12 March, courtesy of the Brussels Art Nouveau Art Deco (BANAD) festival.

This year, the programme of the festival includes visits to private interiors, lectures, activities for the family, guided tours on foot, by bicycle or by coach, a fair and a restaurateurs’ salon.

Visitors will be able to take a peek at some 50 remarkable places normally closed to the public. Each weekend will be devoted to a specific part of the capital to facilitate the discovery of many different places within the same neighbourhood.

First time held since the pandemic

The festival was disrupted for two years by the Coronavirus pandemic. This year’s edition, the sixth, has been themed Return and Reconquer.

For the first time, visitors will be able to see the interior of the former Brunner Bank (Rue de la Loi), the old Coppez Institute on Avenue de Tervueren and the workshop residence of painter Arthur Rogiers on Rue Charles-Quint, as well as the Van Hoof House (Boulevard Lambermont) and the former headquarters of the Telegraph and Telephone Administration on Rue des Palais.

During the final weekend, the Urban Sketchers, an international community that practices on-site art - paintings done on site after directly observing daily urban life - will invite artists to illustrate the places visited.

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For the closing ceremony, the BANAD’s organisers have invited many artists to the Os à Moelle café-theatre for a sensual, burlesque plunge into the Roaring Twenties.

All information on the festival, including its entire programme, can be found at

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