Fire in Anderlecht sees 42 apartments evacuated

Fire in Anderlecht sees 42 apartments evacuated
Rue de l'Autonomie in Anderlecht. Credit: Google Streetview

The residents of 42 apartments were evacuated on Saturday evening following a fire in a seven-storey apartment building on Rue de l'Autonomie in Anderlecht.

The resident of the apartment where the fire started was taken to a hospital, Bruzz reports.

The fire broke out in the kitchen of an apartment on the fourth floor around 22:00 on Saturday after a hot pan with oil caught fire. "Whilst attempting to extinguish the fire, the resident knocked over the pot and made everything much worse," says Walter Derieuw of the Brussels fire brigade.

The kitchen and living room of the apartment were completely burnt, rendering the house uninhabitable. Residents of the other apartments in the building were evacuated by the fire brigade and Brussels South police forces as the smoke accumulated.

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"Carbon monoxide was present in the apartments of the fifth, sixth and seventh floors, which required thorough ventilation,” Derieuw says. The ventilation process lasted for two hours and the residents were allowed to return to their homes again around midnight.

How to extinguish a fire

In order to avoid similar situations in the future, the fire fighters suggest the following methods to extinguish a fire:

  • Turn off the energy source (in this case the stove)
  • Use a fire blanket or large lid to cut the oxygen supply
  • Close the door to the room when evacuating the apartment. This will limit the supply of oxygen and prevent a possible fire from spreading.

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