Boy enters school in Brussels with knife

Boy enters school in Brussels with knife
Credit: Lauren Walker/ The Brussels Times

A minor armed with a knife broke into the Dominique Pire Institute in Brussels city on Monday, reported Bruzz. The minor had entered school grounds to settle a dispute with an alleged school bully.

The individual came to the school to help a student, who had been the victim of bullying.

A teacher tried stopping the man at the school gates, but the teacher moved away when the minor suddenly pulled a knife and broke into the school. He found the alleged bully on campus after which a fight broke out between the two. A tutor at the school was eventually able to contain the minor, who was placed under surveillance while police were en route towards the school.

In the meantime, the young man escaped, but was arrested by the police. "The case was referred to a juvenile judge because of the acts that were qualified as threats," said the Brussels public prosecutor, adding that the youth "showed violent behavior towards the teaching staff and was in possession of a prohibited weapon."

The boy has since been placed in a youth institution.

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