Brussels rolls out for Friday Roller parades

Brussels rolls out for Friday Roller parades
Credit: City of Brussels

Cyclists, rollerbladers, skaters and people on scooters will come together at the first of many Roller Bike Parades on Friday 10 June. Every Friday night until 22 September, participants will meet at Place Poelaert at 19:00 to roll and ride through the streets of Brussels starting at 20:00.

The event is organised by Deliveroo, with similar parades in other Belgian cities, including Charleroi, Hasselt, Leuven, Mons, Roulers, Nivelles and Wavre. The rolling crowd will be led by a DJ and staffed by professionals to ensure rider safety.

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Participation is free and open to all ages and skill levels. More information can be found on the Roller Bike Parade Instagram page. The City of Brussels warns that the parade may impact certain road traffic on Friday nights. For up to date information, check the Police Brussels Capital Ixelles Twitter.

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