Three Foire du Midi attractions forced to close on Monday

Three Foire du Midi attractions forced to close on Monday
Credit: Belga.

Two fairground attractions and a food stand at the Foire du Midi will have to close next Monday due to noncompliance with the fair's rules and regulations.

The City of Brussels announced the sanction on Thursday, explaining that when the attractions and stand were opened, they did not have a sound level metre, a piece of equipment designed to measure their acoustic level.

Thus, 'La Turbine,' a giant arm propelling attendees at full speed, the 'La terrasse' food stand, and the "Elliott" children's attraction will have to close their doors on 1 August.

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Fabian Maingain, the City of Brussels' Councillor for Economic Affairs, explained the logic behind the sanction.

"The sound level metre has been mandatory at the fair for three years now," Maignain noted, "and we have made it clear to fairground workers that if they are not equipped with one, they would face a day-long closure."

As a result, the local authorities intended to stick to the stated punishments since residents from adjacent areas had noted an improvement in the fair's noise control since their implementation.

"Our goal is to engage in a dialogue and for these rules to be abided by, so that the fair can keep its party-like atmosphere while being liveable for nearby residents," he concluded.

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