400 homes, skate park and climbing wall for new CityGate in Anderlecht

400 homes, skate park and climbing wall for new CityGate in Anderlecht

The Brussels region has designated a multinational architect bureau for the design and construction of 400 public homes in the new planned CityGate II development in Anderlecht.

The new project, an extension of the CityGate development, lies between the Biestebroekdok along the canal and the Midi station. It will consist of 277 social housing units and a further 120 private lets, as well as a French-speaking school for 1,500 pupils and 15,000 square metres of shops and businesses.

The site is currently occupied by a skate-park and other temporary installations which will remain until construction starts in about 2023.

The project, worth an investment of €100 million, is part of the Brussels region’s plan for the redevelopment of the canal region.

Following an open competition for projects for the new CityGate development, the region selected a four-team consortium including one bureau from London, one from Rotterdam and two from Brussels to carry out the planning. Two of the bureaus are already involved in the development of the Kanal museum and cultural centre in the former Citroen garage in central Brussels.

The new development will include not only public and private housing, but also businesses including cafes and a low-cost canteen as well as providers of social functions such as a public library and sports centre.

The activities currently going on in the space where the development will occur will be allowed to go ahead in the meantime, the region said. The project aims to begin construction in 2023 for completion in 2025.

Alan Hope

The Brussels Times

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