Brussels allocates €1.5 million to keep children in school

Brussels allocates €1.5 million to keep children in school
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The Brussels-Capital Region has freed up €1.5 million to support its municipalities in preventing pupils leaving school early due to the coronavirus crisis.

The budget of €1.5 million has to support its 19 municipalities' local efforts to encourage youth to stay in school despite the added difficulties, such as distance learning, as part of the Region's post-Covid 19 relance plan.

"This health crisis inevitably has a negative impact on young people leaving school early, highlighting socioeconomic differences and further marginalising the most vulnerable," Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort said in a press release.

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The community work that is being done by the 19 Brussels municipalities to keep children in school, as well as their "proactive, network-based approach" will make it possible to reach the families and young people most in difficulty, according to the Brussels government.

According to Vervoort's cabinet, that will have to help "to integrate the actors who are involved in combating early school leaving into a network, to strengthen collective efforts to fight early leaving, and to individually monitor young people who do leave school early."

Every municipality will have to recruit one person who will oversee this, from 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2021.

"To prevent this health and social crisis from further worsening educational inequalities, the fight against early school leaving has to be a regional priority," Vervoort added.

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