Migrant crisis: five hundred extra housing spaces at WTC III

Migrant crisis: five hundred extra housing spaces at WTC III

Five hundred extra housing spaces will be opened at the WTC III building in Brussels over the next week. That means the number of housing spaces will go up to 1,000, which is the maximum capacity, the State Secretary for Immigration and Asylum Theo Francken said on Saturday morning. 398 people stayed in the building that night.

The office building, which was made available on the 7th of September at the government’s request, has been home to 500 people since the 17th of September. These people could not register with the Foreigner’s Office during their first visit, due to the large number of people that received a convocation letter for a later date.

During the first few days, only a small number of the refugees were given a space in the building, but on average 300 to 400 people were housed there last week. Around 449 asylum seekers stayed there on Tuesday, which was close to the maximum capacity. Meanwhile, several dozen refugees once again spent the night at the camp in Maximilien Park. Francken’s cabinet and the Building Administration are looking for other buildings to house more refugees. These buildings must be near the Foreigner’s Office, not be too expensive, and be available quickly.

(Source: Belga)

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