“Change Europe” protest march in Brussels on October 15th

“Change Europe” protest march in Brussels on October 15th

A protest march under the banner “For democracy and solidarity in Europe” will leave Cadiz in southern Spain on October 1st and arrive at the headquarters of the European Union institutions in Brussels 15 days later. 3 days of protests are scheduled by campaigners in Brussels on October 15th, 16th, and 17th.

The coalition of campaigners from European associations and unions supported by Belgian unions FGTB and CNE, by ATTAC (an international organisation against globalisation), and by the Belgian network against poverty, is fighting free trade agreements, Europe’s immigration policy, social dumping and austerity, tax havens, and the agro-business industry.

An event open to the public is scheduled at the launch of the movement in Cadiz on October 1st. A meeting will take place at each stage of the march such as in Madrid (October 4th), Barcelona (October 6th), Paris (October 10th and 11th), Calais (October 12th), Metz (October 13th), and Luxemburg (October 14th). 4 additional groups will leave Athens, Lisbon, Berlin and London, meeting up with the main movement on the way.

Once in Brussels, meetings are scheduled as well as the setting up of an “anti-TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) camp”. “We aim to surround the European summit during their discussions on migration policies and economic management,” reveal the organisers in a press release on Wednesday. “We believe the EU has failed abysmally in both cases. And incredibly, it is still trying to reach free trade agreements. They’re walking all over our right to democracy so we’re going to disrupt the summit!”

In a separate movement, a European day against poverty is also scheduled in Namur on October 16th. Full programme of events on www.ox15.eu.

(Source: Belga)

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