Bicycle lane on Rue Belliard in Brussels “absurd”

Touring claims that replacing one lane in Brussels Rue Belliard with a cycles-only lane is “completely absurd” and would only lead to more problems during the evening rush hour. Touring had access to the plans for the cycle track on Rue Belliard and feels that it would be absurd to create one on that road, already extremely congested in the evenings, when there is already one on Rue de la Loi which runs parallel to Rue Belliard. Moreover, according to Touring, a better option would be to build one on Rue Montoyer. “The Brussels-Capital regional authorities have been repeatedly warned by experts but continue to act without taking into account the impact their decisions have on surrounding roads or traffic in general.”

The Brussels administration is to be blamed for traffic jams in the city, regrets Touring on Friday. The organisation calling for better use to be made of Brussels’ ring road and exits, by implementing smart traffic lights in particular.

(Source: Belga)

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