Brussels, Wallonia and the EU represented at the largest Hi-Tech Fair in China

Brussels, Wallonia and the EU represented at the largest Hi-Tech Fair in China

The Brussels-Capital Region, Wallonia as well as the European Union are all sharing a stand at the China High Tech Fair (CHTF) which was launched on Saturday in Shenzhen (South-West of China). It the most important Chinese fair dedicated to technologies. The current economical aim for Brussels is to continue the organization of an annual session of the fair in Brussels.

"Brussels is at the forefront of this cooperation, particularly when it comes to the High Tech Fair. This year, Brussels hosted the 'Overseas Session' (an unhooking of the CHTF in Europe, ed.) for the third consecutive year", said Cécile Jodogne, State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region in charge of Foreign Trade, in her inaugural speech of the fair. "This is the third time that the abroad session was held in Brussels, which shows the success of the cooperation between Brussels and Shenzhen", replied Chen Biao, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen, a city viewed as a Chinese "Silicon Valley".

Thanks to this event, which usually takes place outside the European Business Summit meeting, the Brussels-Capital Region is hoping to attract investments from the whole Chinese technological world.

And so is the Walloon Region, actually. Jean-Claude Marcourt, the Walloon Minister of Economy, Industry, Innovation and Digitalisation, was also attending the CHTF along with 19 Walloon technological enterprises, the largest delegation since they started taking part in the fair 15 years ago.

For the second time in a row, both regions share a stand with the European Union representation in China. Furthermore, the UE is also celebrating 40 years of "friendship" with its Chinese partner.

The China High Tech Fair has been held since 1999, and counts 3,000 exhibitors from over 50 countries. This year, 500,000 visitors are expected. It is the most important scientific and hi-tech fair in China. 

(Source: Belga)

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