Protests against increased violence during police checks

Protests against increased violence during police checks

About 150 people gathered this w.end, in front of the office of the Interior Minister Jan Jambon in Brussels. The protests against the rise of violence during police controls related to ethnic profiling, in this time of tensions due to the terrorist attacks.

Several associations have gathered to talk about police violence. The case of Montasser AlDe'emeh has been particularly emphasized. This researcher and specialist in jihadist radicalization was in the capital for a hearing at the Brussels Parliament and claims he was victim of a violent police control last Tuesday.

The associations have recently gathered several testimonies about police violence related to mass checks based on ethnic profiling. They point out that young people who do not have the reflex to assert their rights could become frustrated by this feeling of injustice and develop animosity and rejection towards a system that is nevertheless theirs.

Wouter Hillaert, spokesman for “Hart boven hard” (Heart above hard) said: "If the fight against terror becomes an excuse for practices that lead to a rise of radicalization, we are being unproductive. These actions are likely to increase polarization further. We are here to express our solidarity with the victims of such violence. These racial discriminations are committed by certain police officers. We demand respect for all and this means an apology."

The associations ask not to proceed with mass blind checks and, where necessary, to ensure respect for the rights of all citizens regardless of their ethnic origins. 

(Source: Belga)

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