17 “crash alarms” at Brussels Airport in 2015

17 “crash alarms” at Brussels Airport in 2015

Seventeen “crash alarm” procedures were launched for planes experiencing problems whilst getting ready to land at Brussels Airport last year, four more than in 2014. The figure, shared by the Fire and Emergency Service of the Brussels-Capital region (SIAMU), includes cargo and passenger flights.
In every case the aircraft managed to land safely. Incidents registered included breakdowns and engine issues.

Four of the “crash alarm” procedures were launched in March 2015, three in April, two in January, February and August, and one in June, September, October and November.

These figures have been falling regularly in the past twenty years, in spite of increased air traffic. There were still 36 “crash alarms” in 2007. Last year’s figure is slightly higher than in 2014 (13), which saw the lowest number of procedures on record.

(Source: Belga)

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