Brussels Tunnels: the Brussels government wants to create an investigative Commission

Brussels Tunnels: the Brussels government wants to create an investigative Commission

On Sunday, the Brussels federation’s PS president, Laurette Onkelinx, said the Brussels government supported the creation of an investigative Commission. It would look into the Brussels Tunnels situation. The regional parliament approved the creation of a special commission on this issue on Friday.

This special commission would be tasked with evaluating structural and financial problems with the maintenance of the tunnels, and come up with recommendations on how to improve transport in the capital. It will hand in its report on the 30th of April. If the work is not finished on this date, they will start setting up a Parliamentary investigative Commission.

“I can assure you that the Brussels government supports this investigative Commission. We need to do it transparently, then there will be no problems”, Madame Onkelinx said on Decoders (RTBF). The MR submitted a proposal to create an investigative Commission, following announcements about the bad condition some of the capital’s tunnels are in.

The former deputy Prime Minister once again called for the Federal government and other parties to work together to solve Brussels’ transport problem. Over the last few days, the way the tunnels have been managed has been heavily criticised. “There is a transport problem in Brussels, that much is clear”, says Mrs Onkelinx. “That is not a reason to start criticizing Brussels”, she added.

“There is a collective responsibility, which concerns the whole political class in Brussels”, the Brussels transport minster Pascal Smet (SPA) said. The Flemish socialist also called for the country’s administrations to work together. “Together, we have to work out a peace plan between the federal government, Wallonia and Flanders”, he said. This so Brussels will not be left as a target for the New Flemish Alliance. “Every time there is a chance to have a go at Brussels, they are first in line”.

(Source: Belga)

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