Disagreement on new speed limit in Belgium

Disagreement on new speed limit in Belgium

The Walloon government did not agree Thursday on a draft royal decree to raise the speed limit from 120 to 130 km per hour on certain sections of the motorways. "There is neither consensus in the government, nor in the various bodies on the federal level and in Flanders," said a spokesperson for Minister-President Willy Borsus (MR).

The issue has been referred to a consultative committee, which involves the federal government and the regional entities. But the chance of seeing the proposal approved in this body is now nil, due to the opposition by the Flemish government.

The proposal was initiated by the Federal Minister of Mobility, François Bellot (MR), who was considering raising the speed limit on some road sections with fewer accidents. The final word lies with the regions.

The idea was quickly rejected by the Flemish and Walloon regional ministers, Ben Weyts (N-VA) and Carlo Di Antonio (cdH), mainly because of the impact of speed on road accidents.

Di Antonio also pointed out the number of entries and exits on motorways, which doesn’t facilitate a higher speed limit, as well as the renovation of the road network in Wallonia. "It would also result in a general exceedance of the speed limit by 10 km per hour," said the minister.

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